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What is Extreme Networks MOOC

The Extreme Networks MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is designed to provide students with an information learning environment within an open (student to teacher and student to student) forum. The Extreme Networks MOOC is self-paced, so that students have the flexibility to access course materials 24/7 during the open course period to complete the assignments. The program is free of charge and is open to students (past and present) across the globe, with communication and transcript tracking mechanisms found on Twitter.

Why Extreme Networks MOOC

Extreme Networks is positioning itself as a leader in the education field, by offering technical education classes for all to attend – at no cost. These courses provide technical skills achievement in fundamental areas around IP Data Networking, Wireless technologies, as well as Security concepts. These areas are specifically targeted due to being tied to key recognized areas of growth within the IT space.

Delivering these modules are industry certified instructors, who are versed within not only the technology for discussion but also across the breadth of wired and wireless standards and solutions. It is this breadth of knowledge that provides the vehicle that students learn from.

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